Nursery Fees

Nursery Fees - Flexible for Your Individual Needs

If you're looking for a nursery school that'll bring out the best in your child, come to Kinderbear. We combine planned activities with toys and games to provide your child with the ideal environment to grow.
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Nursery fees

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Our prices are very competitive and include, breakfast before 9am, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks and a home cooked full lunch and a light tea. Formula milk, nappies & Wipes are not provided by the nursery.

The price you pay depends on the hours you want. A full time place which is Monday to Friday 7.30am -6pm offers the best value. We also offer full days (7.30am-6pm), morning sessions (8am -1pm including snack and lunch), or afternoon sessions (1pm - 6pm including 2 course afternoon light tea). 

 We will always do our best to accommodate your individual needs so if you want something outside of this we will try to accommodate you and give you the most competitive rate we can. Please contact the nursery for our current prices.

From the school term after your child turns 3 parents can claim Free Early Years Funding to help cover the cost of nursery fees. This now also applies to some 2 year olds. To check to see if your 2 year old is eligible please call 03001236712 or visit

To find out more please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact page or by calling 01282 777 277. 

Funding FAQs

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How much is it worth?
For 38 weeks of the year Lancashire County Council will pay for up to 15 hours of childcare each week for a child over 3. NB: It is only payable during school term time (ie 38 weeks of the year).

 When can I start to claim funding?
The council will start to pay Free early years funding from the beginning of the school term following your child's 3rd birthday. Unfortunately they will not pay for part of a term so for example if your child's birthday falls part way through a school term, say in February, your funding will start to be paid after Easter. 

 How do I claim the funding?
As your childcare provider we will supply you with all the necessary paperwork which you need to fill in and return to us. We will then do the administration to claim your funding on your behalf. Please note you that if your child also attends a state funded Nursery the full grant allowance will be automatically claimed by them irrespective of how many hours your child attends there. 
For your convenience (and ours) we can calculate your new monthly fees based on spreading your funding equally across the whole year so we don't have to change your invoices and you don't have to change your monthly standing order.

What is salary sacrifice?

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A salary sacrifice happens when an employee gives up the right to receive part of the cash pay due under his or her contract of employment. Usually the sacrifice is made in return for the employer’s agreement to provide the employee with some form of non-cash benefit. 

The “sacrifice” is achieved by varying the employee’s terms and conditions of employment relating to pay. Salary sacrifice is a matter of employment law, not tax law. Where an employee agrees to a salary sacrifice in return for a non-cash benefit, they give up their contractual right to future cash remuneration. Each parent can claim £243.00 per month tax free for child care. Contact your HR department for details. 

In basic terms if your earn £1000.00 per month before tax, your employer can deduct £243.00 before you begin to pay tax and national insurance. This £243.00 is then exchanged for Child care vouchers to send to your Nursery setting.

Please follow the links below to find out more about salary sacrifice.

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We accept almost all childcare vouchers at Kinderbear, Padiham. For more details, call our playschool.

01282 777 277
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